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Artikelbildvorschau CAMP Flash Competition Jacke
Artikelbildvorschau Marmot Power Stretch® Jacke
Artikelbildvorschau MONTANE® Extreme Jacke

CAMP Flash Competition Jacke
Can be worn without taking off the backpack
65,95 €

Marmot Power Stretch® Jacke
Very versatile base,- mid- and outer-layer fleece
99,95 €

MONTANE® Extreme Jacke
The definitive single layer, soft-shell, high specification lightweight mountain jacket
179,95 €

Artikelbildvorschau MONTANE® Featherlite Marathon Jacket
Artikelbildvorschau MONTANE® Featherlite Vélo Jacket
Artikelbildvorschau MONTANE® Jaguar Jacket

MONTANE® Featherlite Marathon Jacket
Ultra-lightweight, weather-resistant running jacket
79,95 €

MONTANE® Featherlite Vélo Jacket
Ultra-lightweight, weather resistant cycling jacket
84,95 €

MONTANE® Jaguar Jacket
Lightweight, high loft, POLARTEC® fleece jacket
179,95 €

Artikelbildvorschau MONTANE® Lite-Speed H2O Jacket
Artikelbildvorschau MONTANE® Men's  Extreme Smock
Artikelbildvorschau MONTANE® Minimus Jacket

MONTANE® Lite-Speed H2O Jacket
Extremely light hooded waterproof jacket
119,95 €

MONTANE® Men's Extreme Smock
Awesome top for any mountain and winter adventure
154,95 €

MONTANE® Minimus Jacket
A revolutionary combination of performance, weight and breathability
184,95 €

Artikelbildvorschau MONTANE® Oryx Jacket
Artikelbildvorschau MONTANE® Resolute Smock
Artikelbildvorschau MONTANE® Singletrack Jacke

MONTANE® Oryx Jacket
Ultra-lightweight, high wicking, POLARTEC® fleece jacket
99,95 €

MONTANE® Resolute Smock
High mountain expedition smock
234,95 €

MONTANE® Singletrack Jacke
The ultimate lightweight mountain bike weather protection
84,95 €

Artikelbildvorschau MONTANE® Slipstream Jacket
Artikelbildvorschau Mountain Equipment Micro Jacket
Artikelbildvorschau OMM Kamleika  Race Smock II

MONTANE® Slipstream Jacket
The lightest weight weather-resistant jacket in the world
84,95 €

Mountain Equipment Micro Jacket
Great second layer
69,90 €

OMM Kamleika Race Smock II
Waterproof and noise-free
209,95 €

Artikelbildvorschau OMM Kamleika Race Jacket II
Artikelbildvorschau RaidLight 1/2 Poncho
Artikelbildvorschau RaidLight TOP R-LIGHT

OMM Kamleika Race Jacket II
Waterproof and noise-free
229,95 €

RaidLight 1/2 Poncho
Poncho and jacket in one product - designed for runners with a backpack
79,00 €

RaidLight's lightest wind and waterproof smock
149,90 €

Artikelbildvorschau RaidLight Tyvek Jacket
Artikelbildvorschau RaidLight ULTRALIGHT Jacket

RaidLight Tyvek Jacket
Light weight and affordable for bivouac evenings
10,00 €

RaidLight ULTRALIGHT Jacket
Wind proof, super light and affordable
59,90 €